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I hired Mr. Archer to defend me against a TRO that was filed against me. My ex claimed that I was abusing our child. She showed up to court with photographs of our child with black and blue bruising on her face, legs and arms. I was shocked and I told Mr. Archer at counsel’s table that I had never seen these photos and our child had never been abused by me. After a three hour hearing and a very aggressive cross examination of my ex, Mr. Archer was able to demonstrate that the photos that were submitted by my ex were photo shopped and false. It was absolutely amazing! The photos were dropped on us at the start of the hearing and Mr. Archer was able to dissect my ex on the stand and dissect the fake photos and win my case.

Mr. Archer represented me in a custody and visitation hearing. Our child was only six months old and I was not married to our child’s mother. I was told prior to hiring Mr. Archer that there would be no way to obtain a 50/50 visitation schedule due to the very young age of our child. Mr. Archer filed a convincing RFO and aggressively argued my position and the court awarded me a 50/50 time share.

I hired Mr. Archer to represent me in a divorce matter where my husband had a large trust fund which he claimed was his separate property. During our separation, my husband would not pay me more than a few thousand dollars and told me that I would not be getting much spousal support. My husband had an attorney and a forensic accountant who tried to claim that I was not entitled to more than a couple of thousand dollars per month. Mr. Archer argued with both my ex, his attorney and their expert at court and was able to obtain a spousal support award of $22,000.00/mo for me. I was shocked and thrilled all at once.

I was referred to Mr. Archer by a friend to handle my divorce. I was aware that Mr. Archer is very good and not cheap. I explained my case to him and my economic situation. Mr. Archer worked out a payment plan and represented me as if I was one of his wealthy clients. He explained to me that he focuses on obtaining the best results in every case. I was able to pay bill in full on a payment plan.

I hired Mr. Archer to represent me in a divorce matter where there was a lot of assets to be divided. My husband ran and controlled the family business, but I did not believe he was telling me the truth about the business profits. Mr. Archer aggressively litigated my case and was able to show that my ex was not being truthful about business profits. Mr. Archer was able to obtain a very fair settlement in my case and saved me tens of thousands of dollars by not going to trial. Mr. Archer cared about my finances and did not prolong the litigation as so many attorneys do.

Mr. Archer reduced my child support payments which another attorney failed to do initially. I was overpaying for more than a year but thought there was nothing I could do about it until I was referred to Mr. Archer. I could not be happier!

Mr. Archer will aggressively represent you. I have seen him get into it with the judges too. He is no “potted plant”. Many of the attorneys I have seen in court do not aggressively represent their clients. They let the court dictate to them and they seem to be afraid to stand up for their clients.

Mr. Archer defended me on a TRO matter. Mr. Archer likes to set the hearing on the trial calendar and he proceeds as if it is a trial. He conducts direct examination of his client and his witnesses and he cross exams the other side. His closing argument on my case was very powerful and on point.

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